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Support when you needed

When you require an assistance related to hosting, dont hesitate to contac t us through Mail, chat or through Phone. Lignite Hosting Support specialists are available to you to handle all kinds of hosting related problems.

Hardware Replacement

Hardware Replacement
All our hardwares are Enterprise grade and will never fail, it it fails we assure you that your hardwares will be replaced in 10 minutes to maximum 3 hours time. So do not worry about the downtime that normally happens with other providers.

Monthly Traffic

Datas transferred to & from your servers are called dat traffic, we notmally offer the bandwith which more adequate to manage your needs. when an upgrade is needed, we will provide the upgrade with nominal fee.

Control Panel

Control Panel
With our dedicated hosting plans, We offer flexible option to install any control panel or management softwares you like. we will be happy to asssist you in installting the same without any additional cost, One time

Remote Reboot

We will be offering the option to remote reboot your servers from our portal. this feature is currently in production. Once its deployed you will be provided with the option to do so.

Operating Systems

We have vast selection of Operation systems to choose, we offer CentOS, Windows, Ubumtu, debian, centos preloaded with cpanel is also available for easier & quicker deployment.

Full Root Access

Full Root Access
With all our Dedicated server Plans, we provide full root or Admin access to your server. With this you can install 7 manage any application or services which you require to run your websites.

100% Network Uptime

Control Panel
We manage and offer 99% uptime to our serves,